“The Beatles” Set To Release Final Song

(DailyDig.com) – After decades of John Lennon’s unfinished compositions and practice performances were wasted sitting on the shelves, the surviving members of “The Beatles” revealed on October 26 that their last song performed by all members, John, Paul, George, and Ringo, “Now and Then,” would be released.

The last song from “The Beatles” will be published globally on November 2 and combined with the group’s 1962 first hit, “Love Me Do.”

The two surviving members of “The Beatles” have said that the band has always had a unique ability to surprise their fans. One of their most eagerly awaited releases in their long and dramatic history is finally arriving in 2023.

The song includes Lennon contributing vocals, and George Harrison played acoustic and electric guitar when he recorded his performance six years before his death from lung cancer in 2001. Sir Ringo Starr recorded new drum sounds, while Sir Paul McCartney provided piano, guitar, and bass for the song. McCartney also included a Harrison-influenced slide guitar solo.

Two years before he was tragically assassinated outside his home on 72nd Street in Manhattan, New York, Lennon recorded the demo tape with piano and vocals in his apartment in New York’s Dakota Building in 1978.

The other three members of the band put “Now and Then” on hold after recording more parts and finishing a rough mix, because they couldn’t effectively separate Lennon’s piano and vocals to achieve the clean sound required for the final version.

In 2022, with the help of new sound software created for Peter Jackson’s “The Beatles: Get Back” documentary, Jackson and his sound group were able to isolate the instruments and Lennon’s vocals from the original home recording. They were able to keep the same quality of Lennon’s original vocals.

As Starr put it, it was a touching moment for everyone, because it was the closest they got to having Lennon back in the same room with them. It was almost as if he had physically been present.

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