Tori Kelley Hospitalized with Blood Clots

Tori Kelley Hospitalized with Blood Clots

( – Tori Kelly, an American singer-songwriter, was taken to the hospital on July 23 after she fainted in a Los Angeles eatery. Kelly had complained of having a racing heartbeat before she fainted.

Kelly was not sent to a hospital in downtown Los Angeles by ambulance because her friends decided to transport her to the trusted Cedars Sinai Hospital. They loaded her into a car and took her there.

She has blood clots in her legs and near her lungs. Initially, it was reported that physicians were attempting to determine whether she had any blood clots in or near her heart. Kelly has periodically fallen unconscious since her hospitalization.

Kelly sent a positive greeting on Instagram Stories earlier that Sunday. She wished everyone “Happy Sunday!!” She extended her message by claiming that everyone is loved by Jesus.

Last year, she acknowledged the feedback of her followers on Twitter that there had been a long time between albums. She, too, has frustration because she wishes she could release new songs and go on tour. Regrettably, she can’t simply drop singles whenever she pleases. She thought that commercial concerns would sometimes not hold up progress.

Kelly followed her message by saying that things are better now. She has expressed her appreciation for her support group. She appreciates her fans’ patience, since the wait has been longer than she had hoped. She pleaded with them to put their faith in her assurances that the effort would be worthwhile.

She first gained widespread attention in season nine of “American Idol.” Her first studio album, 2015’s “Unbreakable Smile,” which included the singles “Nobody Love” and “Should’ve Been Us,” has proven to be her most commercially successful work to date.

Kelly won two Grammys in 2019 for Best Gospel Performance or Song (for “Never Alone“) and Best Gospel Album (for “Hiding Place“), out of a total of five nominations.

Kelly’s new EP was scheduled for a July 28 release.

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