Trump Reveals Trial Has Been “Very Hard” On Melania

( – Former President Donald Trump stated on June 2 that the trial and conviction of 34 felony counts had caused his wife, Melania Trump, to go through a hard time.

On May 30, the jury in the trial focused on accusations that Trump had falsified his financial documents for his business when he allegedly paid hush money prior to the 2016 election. He has denied any wrongdoing regarding the accusations and stated that he will be appealing the ruling.

Trump spoke to the press about the former first lady’s attempt to remain strong during the trial and conviction. He said that even though what he went through was tough, he felt that his family had a tougher time, especially his wife.

He stated that while she was accustomed to dealing with the negative press about him, the gag order made it even more challenging. They purposefully imposed the gag order to prevent him from defending himself against the offensive claims they’d made about him. He went on to assert that those who launched this personal attack against him without providing him with an opportunity to defend himself due to the gag order were indeed bad individuals. They wanted to create havoc in his family and the nation.

Trump acknowledged the salacious nature of the trial and spoke with  praise for his wife. He said his wife was wonderful during the trial, and she was fine. He admitted that she struggled to read and hear all the negative trial press.

He also told the press that his victory in the November election, as the Republican Party’s candidate, would avenge the trial, which was based on false charges, perverted lawfare, and a complete scam.

After a trial and guilty verdict, he became the first US president to face a criminal conviction.

Trump also said that his son with Melania is doing fine. He said that Barron is a smart kid and is “pretty cool.”

His sentencing is scheduled for July 11, and he has expressed his willingness to accept either jail or home confinement.

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