‘Twisted Metal’ Series Gets Peacock Premiere Date, Teaser

‘Twisted Metal’ Series Gets Peacock Premiere Date, Teaser

(DailyDig.com) – Peacock’s forthcoming real-life 30-minute comedy TV series, “Twisted Metal,” which is inspired by the classic but still famous PlayStation series, will debut on July 27.

Anthony Mackie leads the ensemble cast of this comedy TV series. Mackie’s portrayal in the MCU as “Captain America” has made him a household name. The main character John Doe in “Twisted Metal” is playing a CD full of popular songs from the late ’90s and hitting the road.

According to critics, “Twisted Metal” is a fresh twist on the action comedic genre from “Deadpool” writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Mackie’s role is that of a fast-talking outsider, John Doe, who must travel through a barren apocalyptic landscape to drop off a strange parcel. In the first Peacock trailer, he can be seen blasting “Steal My Sunshine” by Len while preparing his car for a fight.

According to creator Michael Jonathan Smith, this is a crazy drama about people on the outside and those on the inside, and how each group’s own catastrophe has further separated them. And yet, there is reason to be optimistic. It’s possible to discover a new group of friends. In order to locate them, they may have to avoid a ghastly clown in a heavily armored vehicle.

Other notable performers include Thomas Haden Church and Stephanie Beatriz from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Samoan Joe, professional wrestler Joe Seanoa, will play the role of Sweet Tooth, the evil clown, with Will Arnett providing his voice. Lou Beatty Jr., Mike Mitchell, Neve Campbell, Tahj Vaughans, and Richard Cabral all make cameo appearances.

Universal Television, PlayStation Productions, and Sony Pictures Television present “Twisted Metal.”

Smith, who was the co-exec producer for “Cobra Kai“, is the creator and head writer. Together with Mackie, Marc and Arnett Forman of Electric Avenue, Paul Wernick of “Deadpool” (who came up with the idea for the show) and Rhett Reese; Hermen Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios; Jason Spire of Inspire Entertainment; Peter Principato of Artists First; and Carter Swan and Asad Qizilbash of PlayStation Productions serve as executive producers.

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