Two Nike Execs Killed in Tragic Accident

Two Nike Execs Killed in Tragic Accident

( – A Portland couple, both executives at Nike’s Beaverton, Oregon, headquarters, were killed when they were struck by falling logs from a truck that passed them while bicycling in Napa Valley.

Michelle and Christian Deaton visited Napa, CA, on their two-week road trip. Other destinations on their itinerary included other California stops and Las Vegas, where they were to see many concerts.

On the morning of October 17, a flatbed Freightliner truck attempted to get around the two as they were bicycling along the Silverado Trail at around 40 mph. The Deatons were struck when some timber shifted on the bed of the truck.

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office reported that Christian, age 52, was declared deceased at the scene. The 48-year-old Michelle was rushed to the hospital, but she later died from her wounds.

The motorist, a male, 55, from Vallejo, remained at the site while inquiries were conducted. The police did not identify him, nor have they commented on whether or not he would be charged with a crime.

Friends were saddened by the loss of the fun-loving pair who had been together for twenty-one years and who had a passion for outdoor activities and world travel.

Cholee Thompson, a mutual acquaintance of the couple, remarked that life itself was their passion. They were the kind of people who would never waste an opportunity.

Thompson said that Michelle was courageous and open to trying new things. She was the kind of person who would readily embark on an impromptu kayaking adventure, a hike, or a bike ride. Meanwhile, anytime Christian and his pals gathered around listening to a record, Christian would play the air guitar, dance, and sing.

Michelle was the director of the EQ design studio at Nike, and Christian was the VP of merchandising and products for Nike Swim.

Elizabeth LeMay, another acquaintance of the couple, said that they were the kind of people you only meet once in your life.

Thompson elaborated by saying that both of them had flaws but worked tirelessly to improve.

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