U.S. Ballerina with Dual Citizenship Detained in Russia

U.S. Ballerina with Dual Citizenship Detained in Russia

(DailyDig.com) – The Federal Security Service (FSB) in Russia arrested a woman with dual citizenship in the United States and Russia. Authorities suspect her of treason for raising over $50 to give to Ukraine for aid.

Ksenia Karelina is 33 years old, an amateur ballerina, and the manager of a spa in Beverly Hills. She studied ballet at Sergei Diaghilev Lyceum and graduated from Ural Federal University. She remained an amateur dancer, and her ex-mother-in-law, Eleonora Srebroski, said that Karelina’s hobby as a child was dancing.

Authorities in Yekaterinburg, her hometown, arrested Karelina for petty hooliganism. She was reportedly visiting her parents. According to a website in Russia, she got angry when confronted by the police for her defiant and rude behavior in public. According to her arrest report, she physically resisted arrest.

On January 29, the court sentenced Karelina to fourteen days in jail. The next day, she made a complaint regarding the sentence, which was rejected by the court. At that time, the court charged her with treason using Russian Criminal Code Article 275. This charge could carry a sentence of between twelve and twenty years in jail.

The FSB statement claims that she was guilty of raising money to give to an organization in Ukraine to buy weapons and other military equipment from early 2022. The statement also said that Karelina was part of public activity to support the Zelensky regime.

According to US news media, a Russian group of lawyers, Perviy Otdel, that specializes in people accused of treason, told them that Karelina sent a little over $50 to a group called Razom for Ukraine. It is based in New York as a nonprofit that sends assistance to Ukraine.

The US State Department made a statement that their officials would look into working with the Russian consulate on Karelina’s behalf. In 2021, she became a citizen of the United States. Matthew Miller, a spokesman for the State Department, stated that Russia does not recognize dual citizenship.

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