Ukraine Claims to Have Taken Down Another Russian Warship

Ukraine Claims to Have Taken Down Another Russian Warship

( – According to Ukrainian allegations, a huge Russian warship was wrecked and sunk in the latest drone strike on Moscow’s fleet in the Black Sea off the shore of Crimea.

The ship was sunk by the Ukrainian military’s Group 13, a special operations group employing Magura V5 drones. The drones penetrated the ship’s port side, which began the sinking process, according to the military intelligence agency.

On February 14, the navy drones targeted the Caesar Kunikov, a big landing ship, near the city of Alupka, which Moscow seized in 2014 from the southern tip of the Crimean Peninsula, according to Kyiv.

According to Ukrainian military intelligence, the footage shows several drones approaching the Cesar Kunikov, a ship of the Ropucha class, near the Crimean shore. What seems like the wrecked ship and smoke billowing over it are seen in the blurry video.

Russia, which had previously announced the destruction in the Black Sea of six drones, did not immediately provide a reaction.

Although the date and location of the film couldn’t be independently confirmed, the media were able to identify the ship as the Caesar Kunikov, a vessel of the Russians’ Black Sea group, based on its antenna, main mast, deck, and bridge.

This is the second Russian ship that Ukrainian troops claim to have sunk in the Black Sea in the last two weeks. They claimed to have footage of navy drones attacking the Ivanovets, Russia’s armed corvette, last week, which they released online.

The conflict is approaching its second anniversary, and the sinking occurred after the Russian envoy to the United Kingdom reportedly said that Russia’s immense resources make them unbeatable.

Following the contentious Senate approval of a $95 billion aid package, with $60 billion designated for Ukraine, Congress is contemplating providing further financial assistance to Ukraine to aid its military efforts.

Russian naval troops have been pushed back from the coast by Ukrainian assaults on Russian planes and vessels in the Black Sea. This has allowed Kyiv to boost vital grain and other cargo shipments via its southern ports.

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