Ukraine Issues Dire WARNING to Russia

Ukraine Issues Dire WARNING to Russia

( – The Ukrainian Armed Forces commander in chief, Oleksandr Syrskyi, warned Russia not to launch an offensive against Kharkiv. He issued his statement during an interview with a news agency in Ukraine on March 29. His warning was in response to reports of Russia’s plan to seize the city near their border.

President Zelensky stated that Russia could begin its attack in the next few months, according to their sources. Syrskyi stated that the information they received about the Russian attack shouldn’t be ignored. They are preparing to counter any Russian attempt to overrun Kharkiv. Their forces have been preparing to reinforce their position in the intended territories that Russia is aiming to attack. They are installing barriers and training their troops for any attacks to come, according to the chief of the army.

Syrskyi added that they have been involved in conflicts in the oblast (region) of Kharkiv and have been able to gauge the tactics of their enemy in order to free large portions of the area. In 2022, the Russian-formed front experienced a substantial pushback. He warned that it would be a mortal blow to Russia if they tried to take Kharkiv again.

According to sources connected to the Kremlin, Russian news reported on March 22 that the Ministry of Defense was recruiting thousands of troops to join the army in order to eventually encircle Kharkiv. The news media have not obtained independent verification of this report.

Syrskyi claimed gratitude to Ukraine’s allies in the West for their military support. He added that his gratitude would increase if the support was in a quantity to sufficiently defeat the Russian forces and that it would arrive soon. He included an admission that they would not be able to achieve success without the additional resources. The support they lacked has allowed Russia to advance their positions and has cost them severe losses of equipment and lives.

He concluded by claiming that more support could have helped Avdiivka, a city they abandoned in February.

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