US Citizen Held Hostage Dies in Gaza

US Citizen Held Hostage Dies in Gaza

( – According to an organization called the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, which was formed by the relatives of those kidnapped by Hamas, a U.S. dual citizen who was one of about 240 individuals taken hostage during the cross-border assault in southern Israel on October 7 has died as a captive in Gaza, as announced on December 22.

On October 7th, Hamas allegedly seized Gadi Haggai, 73, and his wife Judi near the Kibbutz Nir Oz in Israel. His body is supposedly in the possession of Hamas in Gaza. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unknown.

According to the Forum, Haggai was also a citizen of Israel. An Israeli government commission, consulting a variety of sources, has declared some captives dead in absentia.

On October 7, during the first Hamas onslaught on southern Israel, Mr. Haggai, a retired performer and chef, was with his wife strolling near Nir Oz. His wife informed others close to them that they both sustained injuries during the assault. After that, the pair disappeared without a trace.

Iris Weinstein Haggai, the daughter of the couple’s, was cited by the media as stating that her mom had told her that the pair were walking when they were attacked by terrorists, and her dad had suffered serious injuries. While an ambulance was on its way to help, terrorists hit it with a missile.

As the militants from Palestine’s conflict with Israel approaches its twelfth week, Hamas has cautioned that the captives’ time is running short, but it has seldom verified such reports.

An official Israeli figure reports that 129 individuals remain in Gaza after some of the original detainees were either sent home after the ceasefire in November or rescued during the subsequent military onslaught. The Israeli government reports that 22 of the remaining hostages in Gaza have died.

Five to ten of the remaining captives may be US citizens, according to the discussion. The White House has already stated its belief that eight Americans are currently being held captive by Hamas.

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