US Government Requests Authority To Target Drones

US Government Requests Authority To Target Drones

U.S. Government DRONE Emergency – Congress Notified

( – Drones have become an essential asset to many businesses, especially in agriculture, law enforcement, and photography. That being said, anyone can own a drone depending on the model, and not all have to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration. That’s why the US government is looking to crack down on the use of drones.

President Biden is urging Congress to allow for the expansion of both federal and local government authority to take action against the malicious use of drones in the United States. The president has requested that several agencies with the ability to track and monitor drones flying in their vicinities receive expansions.

The White House asks that local and federal authorities have the ability to buy drone detection equipment authorized by the US government. Biden also requested the establishment of a training center where people can learn to counter drones utilized for nefarious purposes.

Drones have become a big part of several industries, but they can also be a serious threat to Americans. Smugglers use them to get drugs into the country, some people use them to sneak contraband into prisons, and they’ve become a danger to commercial aircraft, among other issues. There have also been instances where drones were used in assassination attempts, such as the one on Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Iraq’s Prime Minister, and Nicholas Maduro, the President of Venezuela.

The dangers are there, and as time passes and people learn to maneuver them more efficiently, it won’t be long until they’re used for other harmful means.

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