US Officials Were Cashing In on China

US Officials Were Cashing In on China

( – The public should be able to trust its government officials, but instead, these individuals have become some of the most dishonest and deceitful of people. It’s not just one party or the other; both Democrats and Republicans have members who are guilty of lying to the public while lining their own pockets. Several US government officials have been filling their wallets thanks to their relationships with US adversary, China.

A recent report called “Commerce Cronyism: Inside Deals, Conflicts of Interest & Chinese Connections,” from the Government Accountability Institute, details how several government officials have taken advantage of the US Department of Commerce (USDOC) and banked off of it. One of the officials the report names is none other than Gina Raimondo, President Biden’s pick to head the USDOC.

While the report doesn’t directly tie Raimondo to China, her husband, Andrew Moffit, is another matter. Once the “Chief People Officer” of PathAI, he became the company’s strategic advisor. A company operating in the US called Danhua Capital Management raised $60 million for PathAI in 2019. Operating as venture capital firm DHVC, the company has close ties to a Chinese government-owned entity.

Before Raimondo became Secretary of the USDOC, Wilbur Ross held the position after Trump nominated him. The former president often criticized Ross for his softness toward China, and it turns out the former secretary had significant commercial ties to the communist country. Trump’s ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, and his two sons, Eric and Marcus, also had ties to China.

Finally, the report names Penny Pritzker, Ross’s predecessor, named to be Secretary of the USDOC by Barack Obama. Despite being the heir to the Hyatt Hotel fortune, Pritzker also had deep commercial ties to China.

Should US government officials be able to build such relationships with enemies of the state? These deceitful actions need to be put to an end. They’re dangerous not only to the sovereignty of the United States, but also to the American people.

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