Uvalde School Shooting Draws New Criticism From DOJ

Uvalde School Shooting Draws New Criticism From DOJ

(DailyDig.com) – Following much anticipation, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a report on January 18 detailing serious shortcomings in the reaction of authorities to the Uvalde, Texas, school mass shooting.

The 600-page analysis points out many ways the reaction to the shooting failed. When the first responding police officers encountered gunshots, they withdrew from the school. Instead of responding to the active shooter, the police handled the situation like a barricaded subject.

It took seventy-seven minutes after the police got to the school for a tactical unit to enter the school classroom to finally confront the shooter, Salvador Ramos. The police shot and killed Ramos.

Nineteen students and two educators were murdered on May 24, 2022, at Robb Elementary by Ramos. When it came to investigating what transpired on the school grounds, the DOJ report was the most comprehensive to date.

Law enforcement officers stayed outside the school where the active shooter was holding thirty-three children and three instructors for more than an hour, with several of them having been wounded. Merrick Garland, U.S. Attorney General, blamed ineffective policy, training, and a lack of leadership. As a collective act of respect for the survivors and victims, they want to strive toward the goal of making this kind of tragedy impossible to repeat.

Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, subsequently complimented the DOJ for its exhaustive report and stated that Texas had followed some of the suggestions outlined in it.

After the terrible incident in Uvalde, Abbott added that Texas quickly took action to improve school and community security. Abbott also commended the DOJ for their critical event review. In order to avoid these types of tragedies in the future, they will thoroughly examine the alternative suggestions and methods for creating safer schools.

Abbott stated that their enhanced safety measures were implemented after Uvalde prevented what he described as a potentially fatal school shooting at an elementary school in Houston in November.

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