Vampire Diaries Actress Nina Dobrev in Horrific Bike Crash

Vampire Diaries Actress Nina Dobrev in Horrific Bike Crash

( – A Canadian actress, Nina Dobrev, a star of “The Vampire Diaries,” was involved in an accident on her e-bike. On May 20, she revealed photos from her hospital bed on her social media site.

The first photo was of her seated on her bike, and the next photo was of her lying in the hospital bed with a neck brace and a knee splint. She also showed her IV in the photo, along with a few scrapes.

Her caption for the two photos stated that it started on her motorized bike and ended with her in the hospital. Although she was fine, she said her recovery may take a long time. She did not reveal any other details about the accident.

On the CW, Dobrev played Elena Gilbert in “The Vampire Diaries.” She left the eight-season show during the sixth season, having appeared in 134 episodes. She left the show to pursue her other interests, but returned for the final episode, “I Was Feeling Epic,” in the eighth season. Her character was so well-liked by fans that she ended the series with a happy ending in order to please them.

She acted in other projects after leaving “The Vampire Diaries,” which included “Love Hard,” a holiday film on Netflix in 2021.

Dobrev has always enjoyed an active lifestyle, happily spending time in the outdoors on some intense adventures with her boyfriend, Shaun White. He is an Olympian and a three-time gold medal winner for snowboarding, so they both enjoy an active lifestyle together.

In December 2023, Dobrev and White joined friends for an Aspen, Colorado, ski trip. An inside source told the media that they had been talking about another extreme sport together: marriage. The source said that they love each other, and they have a lot in common that things just seem to be right when they are together.

After Dobrev’s announcement of her accident, her friends and fans replied with their wishes for a speedy recovery. Many joked back that she must be fine, since she was joking about it herself.

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