Visa Scheme Leaves 1 Dead in Robbery

Visa Scheme Leaves 1 Dead in Robbery

( – A robbery at a gas station in January 2024 ended when an eyewitness stepped in, shot the robber, and killed him. According to court documents, the robber and the so-called victims devised a scenario for the robbery.

Rasshauud Scott, 22, the robber who was killed, planned the bogus robbery with William Winfrey, his partner in the planning of the staged robbery, in order to obtain a limited immigration status and file fraudulent insurance claims.

In a press update on April 8, the Police Department of Huston, Texas, stated that witnesses to the incident in January told detectives of the homicide department that they saw a man rob several people at the gas station while they were pumping gas. They then reported that a man who was only a bystander fired his gun at the robber, later identified as Scott.

Before the police arrived, the shooter had left, but they later identified him as Jesus Vargas. In the interview with Vargas, detectives stated that he saw the robbery and feared for his and the victims’ lives when he fired his gun. Due to his parole status and inability to legally carry a gun, the bystander fled the scene after the gunshot.

As the authorities’ investigation into the robbery continued, they found encrypted telegram messages on Scott’s phone between him and his partner, Winfrey. The messages revealed that the plan for the fake robbery was to allow the “victims” to claim that they suffered from physical or mental abuse and agree to work with authorities to investigate the robbery. The victims will then be able to file for a nonimmigrant status (Victim of Criminal Activity) visa.

As the investigation continued, the police found that the two men, Winfrey and Scott, pulled off other robberies starting in 2023. The messages regarding the January fake robbery when Scott was killed revealed that Scott’s intended victims were Gleena Rodriguez and Ransley Fernandes, along with their pictures.

In speaking with Scott’s fiancé, Sade Beverly, she told the police that he executed many fake robberies to file bogus insurance claims.

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