Volcano Eruption Leaves 11 Dead, 12 Missing

Volcano Eruption Leaves 11 Dead, 12 Missing

(DailyDig.com) – Indonesian rescuers looked for 12 climbers who were reported missing after a violent eruption of Mount Marapi on December 3, and 11 dead were found the following day.

On December 2, some 75 mountaineers began ascending the almost 9,480-foot peak, but they were stuck halfway up. According to Hari Agustian, a representative from Search and Rescue, eight of the individuals rescued on December 3 were quickly sent to hospitals due to burn injuries.

Agustian reported that every climber had pre-registered. Although it couldn’t be proved, it was plausible that others traveled illegal routes or that local inhabitants were actively in the region.

The third-highest warning level has been maintained by Marapi since 2011, which means that there has been above-average volcanic activity and that people are not allowed within 1.8 miles of the summit. This restriction was imposed by Center for Volcanology Chief Hendra Gunawan.

Climbers were only permitted below the point of danger, but sometimes they violated the restrictions to satisfy their desire to climb farther, according to Gunawan, who added that this meant they should not climb near the top.

In the eruption that occurred on December 2, Marapi released dense columns of ash, reaching a height of 9,800 feet, while burning ash clouds extended for miles. A deluge of volcanic debris, dust, and rain engulfed nearby villages. In an effort to shield locals from the deadly ash, officials handed out masks and recommended that everyone use protective eyewear.

According to Gunawan, the number of volcanic earthquakes did not rise sharply before Sunday’s explosion. He said this indicates that the eruption is progressing swiftly and that the pressure center is relatively shallow near the peak. Since the eruption’s source is close to the surface, it is usually unexpected and hard to detect with technology.

Indonesia is home to over 120 volcanoes that are active, including Marapi, and is vulnerable to seismic earthquakes because of its position on the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” a network of fault lines and volcanoes that surrounds the Pacific Basin.

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