Whoopi Goldberg Flips Out on Kristi Noem

Whoopi Goldberg Flips Out on Kristi Noem

(DailyDig.com) – Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota, and a possible candidate for former President Trump’s vice presidential position, has been a topic of discussion on “The View.” Noem wrote in her upcoming book that she killed her dog at age 14 months due to a its aggressive disposition. The co-hosts of the show reacted negatively to the news.

In an excerpt from her book, Noem wrote that she shot Cricket, her dog, because it was a danger to anyone she would have contact with. She wrote that her attempts to train the dog using an electric collar were unsuccessful.

Cricket behaved as if she were a trained assassin, according to Noem. Her decision to put the dog down came after Cricket attacked a flock of chickens, viciously killing each chicken one by one. The dog also bit Noem when she tried to intervene.

Whoopi Goldberg questioned why Noem had to kill the dog. She then commented on Nome’s elaboration on her justification for putting her dog down, stating that farmers frequently had to do so and that South Dakota law permits the killing of animals that harm livestock. Goldberg also read the excerpt that said Noem was a responsible neighbor, owner, and parent.

Alyssa Farah Griffin claimed that Noem did a poor job of training the dog, and the fault was not Cricket’s. Sara Haines questioned why she thought she was being a good parent by killing her dog.

Ana Navarro dubbed Noem as “Governor Cruella,” while Hostin claimed that she, because she killed her dog, could possibly be a sociopath.

Noem stated in her book that she took on whatever responsibilities a rancher had and never gave them to another to do her job for her. She wrote that the killing was not an easy thing to do, but if she took the easy way out, it would not have been correct.

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