World Leader Suggests Nukes Are Coming

World Leader Suggests Nukes Are Coming

( – Since Belarus is now a forward staging area for nuclear weapons from Russia, its leader, Alexander Lukashenko, has made it clear that he is prepared to use them in the event of an attack on his country.

Lukashenko, speaking about a hypothetical circumstance in which he might deploy nuclear weapons, declared that if anyone invaded Belarusian territory, his reaction would be instantaneous. He believes he has some discretion, despite assertions that control would rest completely with Moscow.

Lukashenko said that he doesn’t think any nation would want to go to war with Belarus because of its nuclear arsenal, which is a deterrent to war. If they are attacked, though, he will take action after consulting with Putin.

It was disclosed earlier this year that Russia had sent the weapons to Belarus. It was alleged that pilots from Belarus were trained to deliver the missiles from their own planes, but Russia justified the action by comparing it to the US basing their nuclear weapons in Europe on the nations of NATO allies.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists shows Russia’s long-held stance that countries should only store nuclear armaments within the borders of their own countries has been made moot by this transfer of nuclear weapons to Belarus. Russia’s main justification for why the US should remove its nuclear arsenal from Europe centers on this very point.

The nuclear weapons used in this exchange are tactical (meant to eliminate a moving army) instead of strategic (eliminating the entire city). According to the Bulletin, sending weaponry to Belarus was seen as a direct threat to the West, and Poland was an obvious target. Russia has never been so aggressive since the end of the Cold War.

Every nation that joins the security treaty, Union State, with Russia, like Belarus has, would obtain nuclear armaments of their own in exchange. Lukashenko previously indicated that nuclear weapons from Russia may be expanded even more across Asia and Europe.

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