Wrestling Legend, Hulk Hogan, Saves Woman After Accident

Wrestling Legend, Hulk Hogan, Saves Woman After Accident

(DailyDig.com) – On January 14, a young lady’s automobile crashed in Clearwater, Florida, and legendary professional wrestler Hulk Hogan hurried to the scene to save her.

Hulk and his friend Jake apparently sprang out of their vehicle and raced over to the driver’s side to provide assistance. Hogan, who is 70, and Jake, who is a U.S. Marine, rushed to assist the lady as she struggled to free herself from the wreckage.

According to eyewitnesses, Hogan was riding shotgun in a vehicle on the main road when a lady wildly changed lanes trying to get to an exit, but she crashed into another vehicle, sending it tumbling to a stop just in front of them. According to their sources, Hulk and Jake assisted her to unlock the driver’s side door, deflate the airbag, and then they helped the crash victim get out of her seatbelt and out of the vehicle gently.

Following their supper in Tampa, Hogan’s wife, Sky Daily, took to Instagram to brag about her husband, stating that they saw a vehicle overturn in the path of their vehicle. She expressed her deep admiration for her husband, Hulk, and their friend Jake, who acted swiftly, punctured the girl’s airbag, and helped her get out of the vehicle.

It is typical of Hulk, according to Linda Bose, Hogan’s spokeswoman, since he has a huge heart. He is very helpful and respectful to everyone he meets.

The announcement of Hogan’s baptism and lifelong commitment to Jesus Christ put him back in the spotlight only a few weeks ago. The wrestler, Hogan, discussed his connection with Jesus in an interview that took place in 2021, continuing a long tradition of openness about his beliefs.

According to him, accepting Christ as one’s Savior is the first step toward becoming a Christian. You will not die, but rather experience a life that never ends. The sole thing that really matters to him, he continued, is belief.

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