Zelenskyy Praises U.S. For Critical Aid Package

Zelenskyy Praises U.S. For Critical Aid Package

(DailyDig.com) – President Zelenskyy of Ukraine thanked the US Congress for passing a bill in the House to give his country more funding to continue its war with Russia. During a news media interview on April 21, he thanked the House Speaker, Mike Johnson, for showing strong leadership in the approval of nearly 61 billion dollars.

He stated that the money would be used to secure the weapons and ammunition needed. He also thanked President Biden for the US aid, which will show Russia how committed the US is to their war.

Zelenskyy also stated that they really need aid from the US, and the next step is to get the same positive vote from the Senate to move on with assistance soon. He said that they can’t wait for another delay because they need weapon systems that can be used long-range, such as the ATACM weapons. “This is crucial.”

The Senate vote is expected to pass, as they already voted on it in the upper chamber in February. However, a commitment beyond this final aid package remains uncertain. In an interview with the news media on April 21, Republican Senator Dan Sullivan expressed uncertainty about the US government’s continued support.

Sullivan referenced the fact that the possibility of former President Donald Trump winning the election in November could see a different attitude in the war between Ukraine and Russia. When asked if he could guarantee that the US would stay committed to Ukraine, Sullivan said he couldn’t.

Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, has made the claim that Trump had privately told him that the US would no longer fund Ukraine. According to Trump’s campaign, they did not deny the claim but did report that he would work to end the war through negotiation. In March, according to Steven Cheung, a spokesman for the campaign, the aim of a second Trump presidency would be to work to end the war.

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