British IT Official Dies from Fentanyl Poisoning During Disney World Trip

( – A British technology executive was on holiday at Disney World when he passed away as a result of fentanyl poisoning in May of 2022.

As reported by The Times, Philip Weybourne, the Middle East Director of Excis Compliance Ltd., perished on the third day of his family’s holiday in Florida. He had enjoyed time spending the day with his family before venturing out on his own to a nearby pub, where he passed out and subsequently transferred to the hospital in the area.

Around two hours after visiting the bar at Disney’s Yacht Club hotel, Weybourne became sick. Someone then entered his room and informed his wife that he had been sent to the hospital. According to the report, Mrs. Weybourne did not make it to the hospital in time before he passed away.

According to the reports, he did not have any ongoing health issues at the time of his death. Following his passing, his corpse was examined, and the findings revealed that he had amounts of the synthetic opioid fentanyl in his system that were sufficient to cause death.

Drug gangs, which get the majority of their supply of fentanyl from Chinese manufacturers, are responsible for the majority of the fentanyl that is currently being smuggled into the United States across the porous southern border. It was first intended to be a pain reliever, but it swiftly evolved into a substance that is used for recreational purposes.

Two milligrams, which hardly covers the year on your one cent coin, kills. According to Families Against Fentanyl, it kills the most Americans aged 18–45. Fentanyl killed more people in 2021 than suicide, vehicle accidents, or gun violence.

It is estimated that upwards of 70,000 people in the United States perished in 2021 as a direct result of either intentionally ingesting the poison to the point of overdosing on it or inadvertently consuming it. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, it is regularly mixed with other substances in order to boost the strength of the drug without the knowledge of the user.

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