Feds Say Nuclear Weapon Build Up At China Is Faster Than Expected

Feds Say Nuclear Weapon Build Up At China Is Faster Than Expected

(DailyDig.com) – America’s military towers over forces maintained by other countries, primarily because of its sheer size and power. Yet, when an entity towers above everyone else, it is often forced to fight to stay there, becoming aware of its challengers. While the US is likely one of the most thoroughly prepared militaries globally, China seems to have given it the slip.

The US Department of Defense (DoD) recently admitted that China increased its nuclear capabilities far faster than initially anticipated.

Defense officials say China is also rapidly expanding its military right now. The foreign country successfully tested two hypersonic missiles just last month, stoking concerns about future conflicts and the reliability of available intelligence data.

Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Four-Star General John Hyten worries that if something doesn’t change, it will overtake Russia and even the US in terms of military capabilities. He calls the foreign country’s progression extraordinary.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley also labeled China the greatest military threat to the US during an exclusive interview with Bloomberg News on October 28. Milley says China’s incredible 40-year economic run allowed it to invest more money into research and military advancements in recent years.

General Milley also issued a stark warning: within the next 30 years, China will become America’s greatest adversary. He also shared similar concerns about Russia.

Does this mean that the US and China are in an open arms race? Moreover, will the US manage to stay one step ahead of outside forces? Some people feel the Biden administration’s policies only serve to weaken our military, indirectly bolstering foreign powers. What do you think?

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