PEADs — Keeping the US One Step Ahead

PEADs — Keeping the US One Step Ahead

( – The Presidential Emergency Action Documents (PEADs) are presidential documents of secret pre-planning for emergencies. Yes, we know, these sound kind of scary, but in reality, they’re just the smart thing to do. After all, failure to plan is planning to fail. So, let’s go over what the PEADs are and why they’re good to have.

What Are PEADs?

These secret documents are messages to Congress, executive orders and proclamations prepared in case of an emergency. These documents are secretive as none have ever been leaked or declassified. Sounds scary, right? Some relief should come from a recent government document that described the PEADs as being designed “to implement extraordinary presidential authority in response to extraordinary situations.”

At least we know they’re designed in case of emergency use.

The PEADs have been used over the years, and while they’re still secret, several unclassified and declassified documents have opened a peephole into what the PEADs are. We know that over the years, the PEADs have suspended the writ of habeas corpus via presidential order, allowed for various forms of martial law, authorized news reports to be censored, suspended the production of the Federal Register and much more.

Why the PEADs Shouldn’t Scare You

The PEADs are simply pre-planned responses to give the president more power to act during predictable, yet extraordinary, circumstances and emergencies. They’re created and ready to sign should a disaster ever occur. In other words, the PEADs are designed to be put into effect at a moment’s notice. The secrecy of these documents adds to their suspense and suspicion, but don’t worry, they serve as a framework to an emergency response; the president essentially fills in the blanks to fit the emergency.

Furthermore, the PEADs must be approved by Congress before they can go into effect. So, it’s not like the president can do as they please. While added government power can be abused, the PEADs are no threat to us. In fact, they’re a good resource for us to have. They’re kept secret because knowledge of them would threaten national security.

We should be thankful that the US is adamant about planning for these scenarios as it makes it easier for us to deal with disaster. These plans are well crafted, allowing us and the government to act at a moment’s notice, which is crucial when every second counts. These documents are reserved for extreme scenarios as the US does not want to be caught off-guard.

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