How to Find Financial Support in Difficult Times

Hard Times? Finding Financial Support Is EASIER Than You Think

( – Are you feeling overwhelmed with money problems? You are not alone. Money worry is a common stressor in today’s world. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), 72% of Americans feel stressed about money issues at some point. However, recent economic difficulties due to the global coronavirus pandemic mean that many people worldwide are now dealing with financial hardship and struggles.

Whether your financial worry is a result of job loss, unexpected expenses, uncertain income or other unforeseen circumstances, there are ways to overcome these tough economic times and get on top of your finances. Read on to learn more about finding financial support in difficult times.

Government Tools That Can Help You Find Financial Assistance

People deal with varying financial problems daily, and it can be overwhelming to review the available support programs. The government has tools available to make it easier to look for help on You can browse benefits or use the Benefits Finder function on the website to find support for childcare, healthcare or even housing.

Benefits Finder function

The Benefits Finder function allows users to describe their situation to get the best help available. This tool requires you to complete a questionnaire with your details, which is later reviewed across all available programs. It will then show you the programs that may help. But, you need to apply to each program to find out if you are eligible to benefit.

Browse Benefits on Benefits.Gov

If you already know the type of assistance you need, you can browse through the website. The user can browse the available programs by category or agency. Some of the general government programs on the site include:

  • Disaster Relief
  • Financial Assistance
  • Education and Training
  • Healthcare and Medical Assistance
  • Family and Children’s Services
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Housing and Public Utilities
  • Immigration and Refugee Assistance
  • Social Security and Retirement
  • Military: Active Duty and Veterans
  • Loans
  • Grants

What Benefits Can I Get?

People need financial help due to many reasons. Suppose you are struggling with paying for your essential bills. In that case, you can find emergency financial help from various practical government programs. Here are some programs to look for when in need:

Child Tax Credit

This program can reduce the federal tax you owe by $1000 for every child under 17 years.

Unemployment Assistance

Unemployment insurance is dedicated to offering temporary financial assistance to unemployed workers through no fault of their own. The eligibility may vary from state to state.

Disaster Relief Loans

Has your business experienced damage in a declared disaster area? You may be qualified for financial assistance from the Small Business Administration. Almost any business can apply for these loans to recover after a disaster.

Food Stamp Program

It provides food benefits and access to a healthy diet to families with low income. The amount received depends on the size of the household and countable income.

Medicaid Program

This health insurance program provided by the county, state and federal government is for the needy and low-income people. These include children, expectant mothers, the elderly and the disabled.

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The low-Income Energy Assistance Program helps low-income households manage the high cost of home energy. It helps you stay warm during winter and cool in summer, reducing health and safety risks.

Final Remarks

Whenever you face financial difficulty, it is important to remember that support is available. You can review your situation through Benefit Finder on to find the best support opportunity. While there are a variety of assistance options available, the eligibility varies from one state to another. Submitting an application is an effective way to know if you qualify for a specific assistance program.

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