Research Claims These Side Hustles Can Rake in $100k

( – During these tough economic times, everyone could do with additional income to ease the financial pressure. Thankfully, technology has made it possible for anyone to start a side hustle from the comfort of their home.

Even better, today’s side hustles don’t all need formal education since you can teach yourself and gain experience as you hustle. In this post, we reveal the seven top side hustles that have the potential to rake in $100,000 or more yearly.

Website Development

Website development is one of the in-demand side hustles in the market right now. As businesses look to increase their presence online, most are searching for skilled freelance web developers to design and manage their websites. As such, this is an excellent opportunity to earn more money, with the only requirement being basic coding and design skills to start working as a web development contractor, get paid, and build a stream of recurring clients.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is more difficult than regular writing, which makes it more lucrative in the market. The work of a technical writer is to produce documents that present complex or technical information in an easy-to-understand manner. For this reason, most technical writers require excellent comprehension, translation, and documentation skills to start writing for technical websites and publications that pay the best technical writers $100,000 a year.

Mobile App Development

The rise of smartphone usage has led to an increase in demand for mobile app development services. With most people today relying on different applications to achieve various objectives, this could be an excellent chance to build an app and monetize it through paid advertisements or downloads. However, app development requires learning core design and programming skills to start designing apps through the various mobile app platforms available.

Influencing Marketing

Influencer marketing might sound like old news, but there’s plenty of money to be made from sponsored posts, merchandising, and branding. Plus, businesses aren’t necessarily looking for influencers with a Kardashian-sized following. With 10,000 or more engaged followers on any of the popular social media sites, some brands out there, ranging from tech, fashion, travel, and beauty, would be willing to partner to push their products or services.

Graphic Design

Graphic design has been a popular side hustle for a while, with some people making a full living using their graphic design skills. This side hustle requires above-average attention to detail and design skills that stand out from what most people have on the market. Once polished, popular design outlets such as 99designs, Crowdspring, and DesignCrowd will pay handsomely for the skills, as will other freelance marketplaces.

Game Development

With a background in coding or programming, businesses could pay over $100,000 for game development services. The main skills needed are coding and programming and other minor ones like design, problem-solving, and creativity, all of which a programmer should already have. Game development also requires dedicating a lot of time since building a game from scratch can be lengthy.

Job or Gig-Matching

Truthfully, some people may lack the skill, time, or capacity to learn how to start any of the above side hustles. Still, such people can earn an extra $100,000 or more a year through Job matching.

It is a side hustle that doesn’t require any skill or knowledge since it only involves matching skilled personnel in different industries with contractors or employers and getting a commission from successful negotiations.

These are great options for side hustles with the potential to make $100,000 or more a year. Nothing is guaranteed, but with dedication and hard work you may just find yourself surprised. Think of how an extra $100,000 could change your life, and let that be the driving force behind starting any of these side hustles. Remember, it’s better to try and fail than to have never tried at all.

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