Woman Surveys and Rates Popular Odd Food Combinations

Woman Surveys and Rates Popular Odd Food Combinations

(DailyDig.com) – Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, afterall you’re bringing a new life into this world. However, more often than not, pregnant women crave certain foods or combinations of foods that are not something most normal people would even attempt to eat. TikToker Mia Challiner managed to capitalize on this experience by testing out the weirdest combinations.

From pickle juice to hot sauce and peanut butter, this brave woman — who isn’t actually pregnant herself — powers through a ton of weird pregnancy delights.

Surprising both her and her viewers, Challiner found many of these outrageous combos incredibly good. She even insisted she would eat them again. However, there were a few she just couldn’t fall in love with, too — namely, raw flour, cornstarch, and white onions.

Even cat food made it onto Challiner’s list. While it’s hard to imagine why someone would crave this questionable meat product, some believe it’s a sign the body is lacking in certain nutrients (perhaps protein itself). Unsurprisingly, the kibble did not receive a good rating.

Maybe pregnant women are onto something here. Perhaps we’ve all been living a half-life. On the other hand, it’s still probably best to avoid sharing your cat’s kibble, regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not.

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