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The World's Richest Person Doesn't Even Own a Home

Finding a House with National Low Income Housing Coalition Programs

( – It has become difficult for many Americans to get decent and affordable homes. Many low-income families and severe cost-burdened renters spend more than half of their salaries on rent, putting them in precarious financial situations.

Finding affordable housing has been a struggle for many years prompting the National Low Income Housing Coalition to push for anti-racially, socially, and equitable public policies. These policies ensure low-income earners access affordable homes in their preferred communities.

Understanding NLIHC

The National Low Income Housing Coalition is a membership agency open to organizations, individuals, corporations, and government agencies dedicated to ending homelessness and the housing crisis in the United States. It aims to preserve existing homes and housing resources, lengthen the supply of low-income housing, and set up housing stability as the main purpose of the federal income low housing policy.

NLIHC achieves its main purpose through educating lawmakers and the people about the necessity of affordable homes, mobilizing members to advocate for good housing policies, and shaping public opinion on low-income housing issues.

NLIHC Programs

NLIHC has initiated various programs to address the affordable housing crisis in the United States. These programs include:

Housing First

The Housing First program prioritizes permanent housing for homeless people, reducing the homelessness crisis among many communities. NLIHC organizes a Housing First Working Group that provides congressional support for using the Housing First strategy to end homelessness.

Public Housing

Public Housing denotes housing stock owned by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. It is meant to provide housing assistance to households earning low income. NLIHC advocates preserving the remaining public housing stock so more homes can find housing.

Housing Choice Voucher

Housing choice voucher programs help low-income Americans find decent and affordable housing in the private market. This is achieved by compensating the property owner the difference between the rent and what a household can afford to pay. NLIHC advocates expanding and protecting housing choice vouchers for low-income Americans to find housing.

National Housing Trust Fund

These are housing resources aimed to build, rehabilitate, preserve and operate rental housing for people earning an extremely low income. The National Low Income Housing Coalition played a critical role in its formation and leads in the implementation, protection and expansion of the National Housing Trust Fund. NLIHC offers congress more support and helps pull more resources to fund HTF for many low-income households to find housing.

Housing-Related Tax Credits

NLIHC supports the development and expansion of housing-related tax credits such as renters’ tax-credits and low-income housing tax credits. This housing program improves millions of low-income earners’ lives by providing them with affordable homes.

Project-Based Housing 

The federal government provides this incentive to encourage the development of affordable rental housing through public-private partnership programs. In addition, NLIHC is dedicated to preserving public housing through data collection and management to catalog and preserve the housing resources.

Accessing decent housing becomes costly annually, creating a housing crisis in the United States. The NLIHC programs are meant to benefit renters or anyone with extremely low income to get safe, decent, and affordable places to call home.

Which NLIHC Resources Are Available to the Public?

NLIHC offers End Rental Arrears to Stop Evictions (ERASE project) to ensure the housing assistance enacted by congress reaches the marginalized and low-income renters. Its main aim is to eliminate tenant’s rent debts and stop evictions by analyzing emergency rental assistance utilization, documenting practices and developing partnerships for outreach and education. It also assesses any remaining needs to inform advocacy for long-term investments in ending housing instability.

Housing affordability is a serious issue that requires to be addressed. Join NLIHC in urging congress to facilitate equitable, anti-racist policies and sustainable investments necessary to assist low-income earners in getting affordable homes.

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