Housing Support Options Offered by HUD

(DailyDig.com) – HUD, or the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, has various offices that offer assistance programs, especially housing. The Office of Housing is one of the most important HUD offices, and its job is to oversee the Federal Housing Administration. If you or a loved one needs services, keep reading to learn more about HUD’s housing support options.

HUD Housing Support Options

Individuals with disabilities, low income, and the elderly can receive housing assistance from HUD to help afford safe rental housing. Individuals looking for low-income housing can receive online assistance from a HUD-approved housing counselor. They can also call the toll-free number 1-800-569-4287 and request to be connected to their local housing agency. Housing counselors are approved by HUD and can significantly help those searching for low-income housing.

HUD allows the following housing options:

  • Public housing
  • The Housing Choice Voucher Program
  • Privately owned and subsidized housing

Public Housing

Public housing is designed to provide decent, safe, and affordable houses to seniors, individuals with low-income, and those with specific disabilities. The program offers a variety of housing, including single-family homes. The local housing authorities generally own and maintain the properties and receive funding for the program from HUD.

Eligibility for the public housing program depends on your annual income, your citizenship status, and your age or disability. The local housing authority uses income limits established by HUD. However, these limits may differ depending on the county or area where the applicant lives.

If you qualify, the HA will then conduct a background check to ensure you have not been involved with criminal activities or have a history of eviction. You can apply for this program by contacting the public housing agency closest to you.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program or Section 8 housing is separate from the public housing program, though HUD runs both programs. Section 8 houses are owned by landlords who accept Section 8 housing vouchers.

The federal government allows low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled to access safe, clean, secure private housing. Section 8 properties include single-family homes, apartments, or townhouses.

HUD funds the public housing agencies that run the Section 8 housing program. The HA’s determine the requirements for the Section 8 program. These include:

1. Total annual gross income

2. Citizenship status

3. Family size

4. Immigration status

After being determined as eligible for benefits, families are given the ability to choose their housing so long as it meets the health and safety requirements of the program. The PHA may offer advice to the family on the ideal unit size. Renters will pay the difference between the subsidized amount and the total rent, though the amount paid will be no more than 30% of their income.

Privately Owned and Subsidized Housing

When renting a subsidized house, the housing authority is not your landlord. Instead, the home is owned by a private landlord, with HUD providing a portion of the rent, with the renter responsible for the balance. Non-profits and individual landlords own most of the privately-owned subsidized units.

To qualify for subsidized housing, you should fall within a specific income range. These limits can vary by county. This means you should research the limits of the county or metropolitan area they are interested in to ensure they are not above the limit.

You can search for a privately owned subsidized rental unit online. If you have any complaints about privately-owned housing, you can contact the Multifamily Housing Complain Line toll-free at 1-800-685-8470.

Get Housing Support Today

If you or a loved one need assistance with affording your housing, you can apply for the HUD program by visiting benefits.gov to learn more about these programs and whether you are eligible.

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